Who doesn’t like a good story?

Your life is a story unfolding and collectively groups and communities tell and believe stories about their shared heritage and values. The stories we believe shape our lives for good and ill.

Stronger Together Bridgend is a  digital media ‘campfire’  for people to gather, share and listen to individual and collective life experiences to help find new interpretations and greater meaning  for ourselves and our communities in this ever changing new world we find ourselves in.

As an Awen Cultural Trust initiative, STB works together with like-minded individuals, community groups and organisations with the ultimate goal to simply ‘make people’s lives better’.

A friend of STB working as a Systemic Psychotherapist calls the people she works with storytellers and with that in mind only the storyteller can tell their story, so we invite you to tell yours by visiting our ‘Tell Your Story’ page.

Also, the storyteller is the one that decides how and if their story is to be shared with our strict privacy settings in place. With your explicit permission, we can release it for public viewing either on this website or in one of our media streams online.

If you would rather speak to someone from STB first before sharing your story we welcome a call from you and also, we hope to have in-person sessions near you as and when appropriate.

In addition to that, we also host online story sessions with small groups at various times as community need dictates.

Alternatively, if you represent a community focussed organisation or group that would like to use this communal platform for free as a tool for gathering stories and or testimonies of the people you serve then please do get in touch with us as STB is all about working together for the greater good.

Looking forward to meeting you!